The Story 

iCreative Universe has undergone several transformations  to arrive where it has today. Nick (Granato) Finn is a successful songwriter having more than 400+ songs recorded, with 60+ charting singles spanning several decades. From 2001 to 2010 Nick took his love of music to the road as a professional entertainer performing on the tour circuit. During this time period he was forced to take control of his own website and press, as his management only did so much.  Being stuck with a bad "template" to work with, Nick realized he wanted something more. Nick had learned to love Media & Marketing on many levels after spending years in radio and the music industry running record labels and music publishing companies, add to that being a successful Real Estate Agent, Marketing & Media branding was a natural evolution. Over time he'd learned to write web code, and being a creative guy, it became something he enjoyed doing on his off time. During the early years other artists and friends came forward needing help with their web and press presentations (Pamala Stanley, Andy Northrup, Steve McCuin) - Nick, helped them out on the side, it got busier and busier. As fate would have it, in 2010, unable to play his guitar any longer, Nick had to come off the road due to a neurological disorder. It was quite a process to reinvent himself, though indirectly he already had.  In 2011, Nick created a Marketing & Media branding Services firm called iCreative Universe -  Nick chose the term "universe" because the company is multi-functional, as in dealing with many different aspects of creative marketing, media, graphics, PR & branding, all "creative" in nature.  Nick works one on one with each of his clients to develop and implement a successful campaign, and is careful not to overload - so he is selective in who and what he chooses to work with. The main thing for Nick is that it stays fun & affordable for the client,  while always maintaining the highest quality -