• Custom E-Newsletter Concept & Design

  • Client/Data Mailing List Maintainence


  • Response Tracking

  • Timely Web Mailings

  • Content Management

Newsletters/Client List Maintainence

Communication with your customers, fans, clients and associates is a must. An E-Newsletter keeping everyone in the loop has always been the cost effective way to do this. The old fashion way of "snail-mail" has fallen by the wayside, replaced with the technology of the Newsletter Email.

We design and administer monthly and Special/Promotional Email Newsletters for a variety of different clients from Entertainers with huge fan-bases to Industrial and Corporate entities.
We will  design your unique E-Newsletter/Promotion to your specifications.  Maintain your base list, and send your E-Newsletter/Promotion via the internet in a timely fashion. We can track the response and report the findings to you.

* if your interested in viewing some of our newsletters, drop us an email request and we'll send you a few to look at!