Public Relations and how you appear to the public and press is always paramount. It's important you respond with the most positive spin at any given moment. Having a liason, or someone to represent you in the media whether it is audio or written is a way to buffer and negotiate, an "agent" on your behalf. Also to have someone place the press in the right spots at the right time for public visability is even more important.

iCreative Universe does just that. Whether you're an entertainer, public figure, a company, or just building a brand, we can help spread the word to the media. Just drop us an email and  let us show you what we can do to assist you in bringing your cause to the world.!

Selected Clients past/present:

World Fitness -  Pamala Stanley - Some Through The Fire (Radio) -  Discover U Project - Fitness Orlando - The Tiara Project -  Point On Point Radio - The Voice Of Real America - Islands West Real Estate - RGP Entertainment Group - WingSpan Ministries - Patricia Valenti - Marshall Blackwell Jr. - Out Avenue - The Framemaster Marketplace - Susan Ladd - The Specialist Radio Network - Snake Ridge Press - Have A Healthy Day (Radio) - Lauren Veach - Andy Northrup - Gold Coast Fitness - Song Harbor Music - Florida Luxury Real Estate Pros - Gateway Entertainment - Manon Robert - Big Band Ballroom - Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Bristol Girl Music - 180 Life Coaching - Chosen Roads Ministries - Valenti Gold Cup - Out Embrace - Fitness Universe Florida - Political Shootout - Steve McCuin - Seashell Realty -  etc